Topic: I'm a newbie here and very happy to be here! 1st Qstn: Is my 2012 $20 ok?  (Read 5844 times)
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My $20 is not in the best condition but its serial number caught my eye. It is FSC1689999. Any input will be extremely appreciated. Thank you in advance and I want to mention that I've been on this site for around 8 hours straight. Since I first viewed it I knew it was amazing.
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Welcome! Unfortunately, that serial number is not rare.  Numbers like 1111111, 5000000, 1234567 are the rarest.  Radars/repeater are like 8080808 and are worth a small premium depending on condition
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Unfortunately your $20 note is a spender
Keep looking,,, you never know what you might find

Always looking for #1 serial number notes in any denomination/any series
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Welcome aboard "Montreal1"!
-If you like this forum & are interested in collecting Canadian banknotes than you might also be interested in the "go-to" reference guide. It's called Charlton "Canadian Government Paper Money" or GPM for short (the most recent is GPM31 -the 31 representing the 31st edition).  You could look at a copy at your library and if you like it you buy it online, at a coin shop or at Indigo/local bookstore.

The great thing about the Charlton catalogue is that it gives you an idea of what each note is worth (what is referred to as "Book Value" or BV).  These numbers are 'ballpark' figures depending on a note's condition (of course). 

The catalogue also has terrific info on how to grade, the various BOC series, how some banknotes were printed & great sections on special serial numbers & errors at the back.  I highly recommend it.

Oh & good luck hunting!   


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