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Hello CPMF,

I’m new to the forum but have been a bank note collector for many years.  This forum is a great place to share some information with other collectors and put out a request.

I have a couple of 1954 Beattie Rasminsky $2 bank notes missing back plate numbers.  They both have the prefix K/R.
So far my list of all K/R notes is only 31 (29 with BPN and 2 No BPN).    I have been recording the face plate and back plate numbers with each serial number to help in defining the range.  Others may this information helpful.

The internet has been a great source for detailed images in my search for these $2 bank notes. However, this very small sample size leaves large gaps in serial numbers and makes predictions of ranges pointless. It is time to get more collectors involved. Please take a look in your collections and report back to the forum with K/R prefix serial numbers, face plate and back plate numbers.


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