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Hello CPMF,

I am continuing to research 1878 $1 Dominion notes with 5 digit sheet numbers.

(People commonly refer to these as serial numbers – Dominion notes were printed with the same “sheet number” on four note sheets and used check letters A, B, C, and D to differentiate them.)
It was previously thought that all 1878 $1 Dominion notes had six digits and used leading zeroes for low numbers.  Research has shown that 1878 Toronto series A notes started with five digit sheet numbers below 100000 and continued with six digits.  All other varieties in this series used six digit sheet numbers.

So far, seven of these 5 digit sheet number notes have been observed. I posted on CPMF in November 2021 that an auction sold 68770/D in VG condition.

My list of 1878 $1 Toronto series A so far is (sheet number/check letter):
CPMF, please post additions here or send me a PM if you prefer.

“Just Bank Notes”

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