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Hello CPMF,

I am continuing to research 1923 $1 Dominion purple seal test notes in the high sheet number range (above 6493000).

People commonly say serial numbers – Dominion notes were printed with the same “sheet number” on four note sheets and used check letters A, B, C, and D to differentiate them.

The Charlton Press catalogue of Canadian Government Paper Money provides some background to printing purple seal Dominion notes with two different sets of signatures extending over three ranges of sheet numbers. The first two ranges of sheet numbers can be explained by updating to new signatures, however a reversion back to old signatures in the third (high) sheet number range is not clearly explained.
The CPMS Note Registry Volume II lists more than 200 purple seal Dominion notes by sheet number/check letter.  This is not a complete list and new discoveries are added as they come to light.
High sheet number notes are hard to find.

Only 7 notes in the high sheet number notes have been observed to date.  Six high sheet number notes are shown on our CPMF note register and I can add a seventh, 6502028/C (BCS VG 10).

I would like information from members on how many other high sheet number notes are known.  CPMF, please check your collections and share additional high sheet numbers here or send me a PM if you wish to remain private.

“Just Bank Notes”

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