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What is the best way to store a large collection?

I currently put my notes into currency sleeves and then store them in cardboard currency boxes. 

I have sub categories of notes that I would like to store in an easily accessible way such as my collection of stamped notes and notes with handwriting on them.

I was thinking about purchasing a 3 ring binder and then buying some pocket album pages.

My question is about the chemical composition of the album pages (which are made of vinyl):

Will the vinyl in the pocket pages affect the bank notes in any negative way even if the notes themselves are in modern, non-reactive currency sleeves?

Or, is it just better for me to store the individually sleeved notes in currency boxes?


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I currently store my collection in the same manner you describe above: Sleeves in boxes.

Binders and pages are going to be very, very bulky in comparison, and this is my primary reason for not pursuing this format.  Never mind the cost of the binders and pages, nor the potential chemical concerns of the materials, which are secondary reasons.

With my current compact and efficient storage method, I can fit everything in my safety deposit box at the bank and keep minimal items at home.  If I used binders, I'd need a whole shelving unit (well, lots of space in any case).

That said, each collector will have their own needs and concerns that need balancing and one collector's solution may not be appropriate for another.  I hope what I've shared above has been insightful.

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