Topic: Polymer 1991 $20 test notes?  (Read 3363 times)
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I was browsing some upcoming Heritage lots, and found something quite interesting. One of the lots (lot #28097) consisted of 3 test notes of Bonin-Thiessen $20s, printed on polymer. All three of the notes have different security features and are of different stages of printing:

Note 1 - completely printed (no OSD), "clear pegasus & grill" from PMG holder
Note 2 - missing front intaglio (no OSD), watermark with logo of DuraNote
Note 3 - missing front intaglio (no OSD), no watermark

The only thing I could find similar to this was a polymer 1988 $50 note mentioned in a Coin World article from 2012, with a very low-quality image of one from a Spink & Son auction. The most recent version of the Charlton catalogue mentions these notes, which were withdrawn before sale, and says that the notes are property of the BoC and can't legally be owned.

Does anybody know more about these notes?
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Arthur Richards
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Very cool.  Interesting to see they were thinking of this while Bonin / Thiessen were running the Bank of Canada.

  Smile from your heart.  ;D

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