Topic: To what extent do hologram and surrounding imperfections affect TPG?  (Read 2990 times)
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I sometimes encounter "Unc" notes which haven't been TP graded and that have visible problems with the hologram and surrounding area.

For example, the attached image is from an uncirculated $100 note from a Vancouver bank. The teller had a new bundle and I bought a run of notes with consecutive serials. However, all of the notes have several horizontal lines through the hologram portrait and below it, and what appear to be random specks of dust or dirt around the tower.

I've read and agree with BCS's statement that some amount of imperfections are just part of the manufacturing and distribution process. But I really can't resell these notes as Unc based on the amount of blemishes these otherwise uncirculated notes have. AU to be sure, but at that point it's just easier to spend them as cash.

For those who have more experience with polymer grading, is there a cutoff between acceptable manufacturing blemishes in the Unc range, and what would get downgraded to AU?

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I would certainly consider those UNC's, but not GEMs.

The exception is if they have handling marks.


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