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« on: November 28, 2023, 07:42:58 pm »

Hi everyone,

I noticed that we have not started a dedicated thread for small B 1973 $1 banknotes although, there are two examples of these banknotes in the Big B thread for 1986 Bird $2 banknotes.  Last week, I received three bundles of $1 banknotes ranging from 1954 Beattie/Coyne, Beattie/Rasminsky, 1967 Confederation notes with and without prefixes, to Lawson/Bouey  (58 in total) and the rest being 1973 banknotes with the signatures of Lawson/Bouey to Crow/Bouey with quite a few banknotes of ECV and BFK with the Crow/Bouey signature.  But, the best find was a small B 1973 $1 with the prefix of BCP.  I have taken a picture with a number of Big B banknotes for the comparison and the corresponding large E of ECP.  The BCP banknote is in AU 58 - UNC 60 condition depending on the grader.  Overall, this find was part of a collection dump and the person who had these banknotes knew that this BCP was special.

Enjoy Whitenite

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Good found to!
Keep looking just like me to.

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