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Hi All,

I'm going through some of my notes and came across this little guy that I had totally forgotten I had found (note the square stamp tag on the back).  I purchased two stamp albums at Value Village during the pandemic and was using google lens to research them when I found out that this item wasn't a stamp at all.  It turns out it is a 1920 30 Heller Notgeld from Eckartsau, Austria and it is a bit understandable how someone may have mistaken it for some sort of postage stamp because of it's small size.  This note measures only 56mm x 84mm and you can see how small it is in the comparison photo with a Journey note.

What an odd way to find a banknote! It doesn't have serious value, but will be the 'lil cutie-pie' of my collection!  :)

Cheers, Breanna

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