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Currency News – Highlights from the December Issue

In the News: UAE plans own banknote production; Andrew Bailey of the Bank of England explains the paradox behind rising trends in banknote issue; Banknote 2009 breaks all records; Giesecke & Devrient opens museum of fakes; Dutch Currency Association launches new identity.

On the Record: Fortress Paper – An Eye for an Opportunity – following the launch Durasafe from Landqart, the CEO of parent company Fortress Paper, entrepreneur Chad Wasilenkoff, explains what attracted him to the banknote industry, how his business model for building companies is being applied to the Landqart banknote mill and his plans for the future of the company.

Special Feature: Lessons in Banknote Communications – Antti Heinonen of the European Central Bank describes the developments and trends in central bank communication of note features, and highlights some lessons for the future.

Industry Watch: our three-monthly analysis of the performance of our industry’s listed companies is combined with an end of year analysis that shows 2009 was very much a year of two halves.

Technology News: SICPA unveils new Level 2 security feature with REVEALIS; formal launch of the new Durasafe polymer/paper composite substrate; Kurz launches new OVD for banknotes; Giesecke & Devrient demonstrates virtue of 3D with new MOVE feature; Fabriano Securities introduces MAG3 new 3D magnetic verification feature for magnetic 3D verification.

Company News: Amera celebrates five years; KBA-GIORI consolidates under one roof; a mixed half year for De La Rue.

Banknotes and Coins: Guatemala’s new 100 Quetzales note provides a showcase for new features; Paraguay issues first note on polymer; a round-up of all the latest note and coin news from Afghanistan, Nicaragua, India, Russia, Macao, Turkmenistan, Ethiopia, Jersey, Trinidad and Tobago, Kyrgyzstan, the Bahamas, Scotland.

2009 – a Year in Headlines: a round-up of headlines of the key events and news in the currency world over the past 12 months.

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