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I went to the Bank of Canada Currency Museum in Ottawa on April 23rd. While I was there, I exchanged for 8 $5 Journey HOC bills - nothing special, no radars.  I also asked for 10 $10 Journey bills. I was expecting to get BER9999xxx notes as mentioned in this forum. This is what I got.

The first two bills were to my surprise:

FDU5532925, FDU5532926
$10 Journey Knight/Thiessen, Printed in 2000
FP44, BP40

The next one was not in uncirculated condition so I did not take it. I think it was a BER9999233.

The next 8 were:
$10 Journey Jenkins/Dodge, Printed in 2004
FP78, BP58

The 10 bills were taken out of the same brick of notes (it was wrapped with the brown narrow strip of paper).

I checked the brick to see if there was a BER9999999 but there was none. I also checked for other non-BER notes but they were none either.

What is the likelihood that these FDU notes were inserts of the original BER brick?

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I must agree with Hudson, but I might have an other explaination.
I went to the museum on april 9th, to get some $10 to my surprise there was none... The lady told me that they would get some the next tuesday.
So I went back on april 16th, still no brand new $10. The lady recognise me and felt bad. She told me that since the new $10 were about to be release, they might not get crisp $10 before the 18 of may. So I think the museum is getting any UNC $10 they can between today and the release of the new $10 so we might get some mixed up prefixes.

But I'm glad you went this weekend and report back here, I'll go this week before they are all gone  ;)

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In addition, FDU notes have been in circulation since spring 2001. Only FDU numbered notes above 9.24m are inserts.
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don't worry about that. I think it's normal to receive FDU...I went to my bank last week in Montreal and I received NEW FDT and FEH...

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