Topic: Phoney $50 showed up at local bank.  (Read 3895 times)
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« on: October 08, 2005, 02:44:54 am »

I went to one of my local banks on Monday this week and a teller I know, asked me to help her determine if a note she had was counterfeit or not? Only took me like 10 seconds to know it was a fake. It was a bird series $50, color was too dark, almost a very dark cherry red, microprinting was very blurry, I couldn't peel off the green security planchetts, overall clarity was dull looking, bill was printed on pulp paper, optical security device only was gold color, didn't shift to green at all. Also, there was no raised printing, especially on the large "50" on front of bill. Serial number looked o.k. though. Would have liked to have see the note under black UV light, but didn't get the chance. I went back to the bank today and the police were still determining if it is fake or not (pa-lease!). I didn't think it would take them this long to know it is counterfeit? The teller got it in her overnight deposits.
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Dig your nail into the backside of the bill, where there is deep color on the other side (the raised ink).  Drag on paper, the ink should come off.  The counterfeits I have seen, this is never the case.

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