Topic: Two 2-digit radar 20$ in four days  (Read 4777 times)
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« on: September 14, 2005, 11:09:37 pm »

Last Saturday, I was lucky enough to get a  2-digit radar 20$ note from an ATM:  AZT3363633 :)

I went back to the same ATM on Sunday and I got AZW5575016.  I tried one more withdrawal and after AZW5575000, AZW5575199 fallen out!  The numbers were going up.  I checked carefully on Monday, yesterday and the numbers were getting closer..So, I was able to get this morning the nice AZW5575755 :) :).  

Beside of that, I missed a third 2-digit radar by 15 notes yesterday in the same ATM (from the other cassette) (AZT3373718,  I was caught off the gard with this one I didn't seen coming :()  
I'm keeping an eye on this ATM, maybe there is others goodies to be spit out... ;)

Here the scans of my 2-digit radars
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