Topic: Counterfeit Bird $50 - a pretty good one..  (Read 3929 times)
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« on: November 26, 2005, 09:47:27 pm »

1988 style $50 - Knight Dodge
Ser # FHA0167500.

Well, this one was good. Here is what I did notice for all you readers out there- This PASSED the black light test.  The planchettes showed up as normal, the ink rubbed off (but you could tell it was not intaglio by the feels), and the serial number was the same font-BUT seemed a bit too vertical.  Compressed almost.  Planchettes were perfectly round in shape, but did not come off cleanly, you could tell that they were phoney.  The magic pen (from the site Rick Simpson refernced) also showed that is was counterfeit.  And, the paper was good- but only a trained eye could have spotted the difference.  When you have a regular paper personal note shoved in your pocket for several weeks, and the paper creases get all fuzzy  like they do-- the counterfirt note was like this too when creased were worn.  Normally notes hold their fibres much better.
Gold OSD: didnt change color, and seemed a bit more heavy duty. Almost a raised feel to it.
Microprint- not too bad, but the rings in the eyes were blended togther. -

I believe this was made with a Hi resolution Ink jet printer.

I count notes upside-down - to see the serial numbers, and the first tip off was that the 6 in the serial number was compresed from the sides to look a bit thinner- as were the rest of the numbers upon further inspection.

The terrible thing is that someone out there gets stuck with the loss.
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Just the signature alone on that note confirms that its fake! FHA is a Thiessen-Crow Note.
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