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« on: February 08, 2006, 01:09:17 pm »

I have a 25 cent note here that has a s/n J0674646 and in the charlton cataloge it says j1000000 and below is suppose to have a red s/n and j1000000 and above is suppose to have a black s/n.  Mine would fall into the red s/n catagory but its black instead is that an error or is the book wrong. If it is an error is it worth anything.

Another question i have is it true that the 1962 version of the 5 cent note with the s/n starting with an S rare i've read somewhere it is, i just asked because that was the first ctc that i got, it got me addictted now, its funny how that works i quess.

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You have an interesting find there because in 1989 for the 25 cent, the change-over occured around the 0.9m range (from black to red) however, there exist some replacement within that series in which the serial number carry a different style. Perhaps yours is a replacement note??

As for the S prefix 5 cents, you can find that prefix on the 1985 5 Cent Gas coupons and on the 1972 (50th Anniversary issue) of the store coupons. In either case they are all regular issued notes, but the 1972 series is scarce but that goes for all the notes from 1972.

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