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« on: April 13, 2006, 11:45:18 am »

1975 $100:
QAO 4057457 -- serial numbers proper font, no Q though, Lawson Bouey
DAJ 3094758 -- serial numbers proper font, 2 digit, nice little frontal addition of a D, Lawson Bouey
Also, you could tell they were fake because of the fuzziness of the detail.  Paper felt weak.

$5 journey HOD 8497246 - justa terrible scan of a note.  No gold leafs security.

$20 bird EWB8573384.  Another terrible quality phoney.  Paper was about twice as thick.  Poor detail in scan. The HOD and this EWB had the serial numbers obviously as part of the scan, and of course not added on after.


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