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 :-[ I bought the Charlton Guide as suggested by this forum and found a few terms not explained as well as a few numbers that I didn't understand the meaning of.

P 345 cat #BC64aA $20 2004 Jenkins/Dodge,AYR(2004)(1.629M-1.638M)
I think the (A) is for replacement notes but I don't know what the numbers
(1.629M-1.638M) mean
P331 cat#BC-59aA  (below 1.7M) and (above2.2M) again I'm not understanding the numbers.
What is a serif? :-?
How do you tell the difference between steel engraved printing and lithographed and why is that important?
If anyone could explain these to me that would be great 'cause I'm still a newbie thanks :-*

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I will attempt to answer your questions as best I can...

1)Serifs are the little horizontal lines on the top and bottom of the letter "I"  Some 1991 $20s in series EIW were printed both with and without these serifs.

2)You are correct in that the (A) is the Charlton designation for a replacement note.  They abbreviate the number ranges so that they don't have to print all the zeroes every time (ie:9.685M-9.686M means serial numbers 9685000-9686000)

3) I'm not sure if there is a sure fire way to visually tell whether a note is steel engraved except the serial number...however I have noticed that steel engraved notes have a darker colour.  

I hope this helps,
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 ¬†8-) ¬†Dean
You really cleared a few things up for me.
Donna :)
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Several things explained correctly. Good job.

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I am fasinated with the educational potenial of this forum.

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