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« on: August 21, 2006, 12:53:57 pm »

Hi, all,
    Eralier there have been some discussions on the insert ranges, not much difinite has come out of it, naturally, because BoC is the silent partner.
    Anyway, this much we know:  Some brick getting collectors, including some dealers, report what they got (inserts ) and from the reports a range is determined, say,  Hxx 9532156 to 9587772 ( the lowest and the highest of inserts located.)  But are all notes within that range inserts ?  We have one real  case in FEH in which it is reported the inserts are between 9 mill and 9.9 millioms.  Can we prove or disprove that ?  1 million insert in a prefix is a bit much, isn't it ?

   Currently, there seems to be one list that is the standard: the GP list.  but is it comprehensive ?

    Then, there are cases in there are gaps between sthe ranges like 45xxxxx & 464xxxxn then 47xxxxx and 475xxxx.  Now what are those notes between 464xxx and 47xxxx?  Can we prove or disprove them ?
     I like to hear from those in the know or pure speculators ?

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« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2006, 04:15:32 pm »


Many of us brick searchers submit all the information in a documented form and is all complied together and used to compile the GP list.

Considering many people go through 6 - 10 Thousand notes a week, over time accurate lists can be complied.  Granted they may not be EXACT but they are VERY close on many occasions.

From this information Front & Back plate numbers can be used to reconstruct the sheets that were used.

In many instances we have seen only about 20,000 notes in an Insert range (This is also the normal quantities found in the old Bird Series Replacements as well. )

Insert ranges for newer inserts found are not published until the notes have been confirmed by multiple people and a good idea of the range is found.

A good example of this is the 3 different ranges of HOU inserts and to my knowledge a single range of HOW Inserts. They exist and we have a good idea of the ranges but we are waiting for more to be found to get a better idea of the exact ranges.

The ONLY way to know they are inserts is to find them in bricks. So the job that Brick Searchers do is of great value to the entire community!  :)

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