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As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm a U.S. forex broker student who's looking to learn about various currencies and transfers. This counterfeit currency section is actually pretty interesting because it brings up the matter that forex brokers absolutely have to know what they're getting into. They have to know every aspect of currency -- including the counterfeits. When it comes to Canadian currency, how do you spot a fake generally? I noticed that there were pictures posted, but I'm wondering if there's a link between all of them. Thanks! :)
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Hi Leala,

Check out the Bank of Canada's website:


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Welcome to the forums LeelatheCute,

Like Brent mentioned the Bank of Canada website provides a lot in invaluable information on how to spot current series counterfeits.

However from what you've mentioned about being a forex broker you're probably looking for reference material that covers nearly all the different currencies (major) that exists. That being said I know and have seen a catalogue-like book that is issued by American Express that some banks use as a reference of what genuine notes (along with some security features) should look like or if they are still redeemable. I've asked to flip through it and I was surprised to notice that it not only shows you current series currency but also examples of older series ones.

I have no clue how to acquire one of these books, but I'm sure Amex would be more than happy to take some of your money in exchange for a copy.

Good luck!
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Ok.... I found out the book for you:

Title: American Express Guide to Foreign Currency
Publisher: Monetary Research Institute
ISSN: 1055-3851


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