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Time to take Queen off money?

UPDATED: 2006-08-26 (August 26, 2006) 01:40:24 MST

OTTAWA -- A suggestion by Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe to scrap Canada's dollar in favour of an America-wide currency betrays the country's sovereignty, NDP Leader Jack Layton charged yesterday.

Duceppe called for a debate on the issue this week, citing the impact of Canada's high dollar on exporters.

"We've been demanding this debate in Ottawa, but they don't want it because of the symbolism of having the face of Elizabeth II on the Canadian dollar," he told reporters.

Layton said the notion is a return to an old Bloc goal of tying the Quebec economy more closely with the American economy.

"This is a betrayal of our sovereignty in our view and very unwise," said Layton.

"He seems to be focused more on whose picture is on the bill."

Scotiabank deputy chief economist Aron Gampel said the move would tie Canada's economy even closer to the U.S. as it becomes one of the largest debtor nations in the world.

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