Topic: New $20 Series - Misprint or illusion??  (Read 2613 times)
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« on: September 01, 2006, 10:44:47 pm »

Good day all.  I was a member years ago and then put the collecting aside for a while.  I recently came accross a new $20 where the Queen's hair does not come close enough to the Peace Tower's window as it does on all other notes I have compared it too.

I was wonderring if this would qualify as an error note and should keep it or, can I use it to buy the next round?  Lol

Appreciate any feedback you may have and attach a comparison pic of the note -  

The bottom note is the one I am questionning.

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You can spot the shift in a lot of places.

Compare the "V" in Vingt
The large "C" in Canada
The "DOT" between Vingt/Twenty

All those markers are shifted left a tiny amount equal to the location you pointed out.
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The two printing elements are on different layers. Some amount of shift or misalignment is inevitable.

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