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« on: March 17, 2004, 06:32:58 pm »

Just out of curiosity..  How much did you spent on your entire currency collection?  Do you collect both Paper Money and Coin?  or just Paper Money?  How do you display them or store them?  How long have you been collecting these?  Do you have a couple pictures of your collections that you would like to share?  If you dont have anywhere to upload your picture to, you can upload it to my server (PM me for upload instructions)

As for my collection,
How much did you spent :  $3744.50
Face Value: 3143.16
Paper Money and Coin: Both  
Display/Store: In my closet
How long have you been collecting these: 3 years

Here are my pictures
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Certainly an impressive display!

I would be wary of specifically noting that you're storing that size of a collection in your closet though...

As for myself, I don't have any nicely laid-out photos of my collection, but I do have my website at where all of my notes are listed and some are even scanned.

For the most part, all notes are in plastic sleeves and stored in a safety deposit box at the bank.  Some notes are kept at home, specifically low-value notes and most notes that I'm trying to sell.  I used to have most of my nicer notes in a binder, but that took up too much space and I needed to get them out of the house for security purposes.  Anything left at home is securely locked in a safe or two.

My sheet of $1 notes are framed and hanging on my wall.

I've been a serious collector for about 3 years as well, but I've had a small collection of some notes (nothing worth more than face value) since I was young.

I've also got webspace available if anyone needs a place to host images.
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WOW..  that is a huge list of collection you got..   I just collect notes and coins at its face value..  only those old notes from 1937 and 1954 were purchased..  I keep my notes in plastic sleeves and inserted into my binders..   Those 5 binders are there for that purposes..  I framed up my $2 dollars sheet, and $5 dollar sheet; both are hanging on my bedroom walls as well.. But i couldn't find any $1 sheet for a decent price...and the $10 dollars sheet are just too expensive for me at the moment..  I am looking forward to buy the $1 dollar sheet this summer at CNE  ;D
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I have no clue how much I spent on my collection, as I have been at it for so long.  I collect coin and paper.  My banknotes are in a binder, and my CANADIAN coins are in special albums.  I also keep a chest of old European silver coins, just for interest.  I've been collecting for 19 years.  Some might argue that I am not a "serious" collector, but as I see it, "serious" is a relative term.  I am serious about the stuff I collect, and I enjoy the modest collection I have assembled.


P.S.: No scanner, so no pictures, I'm afraid.
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« Reply #4 on: September 09, 2004, 01:09:19 pm »

I sure would love to list my notes somewhere on the web, but to be honest, haven't got a clue as to how to even start to go about it. Any suggestions?   thanks  P.S. That pesky steve11 & JWS now have me collecting radars. Thanks alot guys. Like I didn't have enough to do. hehehehhehee

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« Reply #5 on: September 09, 2004, 06:18:15 pm »

Contact Brent if you want to put them up on his cool web site,or in the first thread dcanada mentions to contact him to put up pics too :)
 As far as my collection.I collect paper money,I have a few coins.The 1954's are my favs and make up most of my collection :),but I collect all Canadian money 1937 to present and enjoy doing it ;D.I can only estimate that I might have spent $6000.00 on my collection,I store my notes in mylar sleeves,in a safe with two pitts nearby ;D


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« Reply #6 on: September 10, 2004, 12:13:42 am »

Well I started collecting pennies in 1974, then moved up to nickels and by 1976 a bill here and a bill there. Although over the years I raised a family I could still afford to by a coin or bill here and there. About 10 years ago I got a little more serious about bills and making sure they were only in UNC and stayed away from the coins. Now that my house is paid off I've been able to spend quite a bit on the notes I fell in love with, the specimen notes.

I'm not sure what I've spent (my wife will say to much) or how much my collection is worth but I'll have a great retirement in 20 years. I figure I'll resell everything and use that to travel. I spend $200 a year on 2 safety deposit boxes at the bank and I've started to scan my notes to be able to look at them without going to the bank. My specimens can be seen on Brent's Museum and I had put them on there because you couldn't seen specimens much anywhere. But now I see that the bank of Canada has them all up on their site.

To keep looking on ebay or at shows I started to collect every prefixes of the multicolored $1's and $2's plus the $2 Birds. Everything is kept in mylars and it's really starting to add up quite nicely over the last 28 years.


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