Topic: Bank of Japan's Currency Museum - Tokyo - PHOTOS OF WORLD SPECIMEN NOTES  (Read 13323 times)
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Hello fellow members…

[update]: Here is the Bank of Japan’s Currency Museum official website in English:

I had an opportunity to visit the Bank of Japan's Currency Museum (Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies) which is located in the heart of Tokyo Japan's Business district.  It's located right across the street from the Bank of Japan itself. 

Here are some recent photos of this really neat museum (Note: may take a while to download).  There is tons of paper money, including a huge collection of all the world's current paper money currency, most of which are Specimen Notes or some Matching Low Serial Numbered Notes (some never before seen)... and lots of Japanese Silver and Gold coins.

Here is the link to view the album:

The entrance to the Currency Museum - you can see the Bank of Japan main building in the reflection of the glass windows.

The Japanese Exhibits

Inflationary Notes

International Bank Note Display Machine

There’s a list of different countries notes, and you type in the number that corresponds to the country you are interested in.  The machine brings out the notes in a display case conveyor belt.  Most notes are either Specimen Notes or Matching Low Serial Numbered Notes.  An interesting collection indeed.

… There was too many various country notes to see in such little time… I didn’t have a chance to take pictures of all the notes in the world note collection…

And finally, the souvenir shop… of course in Japan… vending machines! 

The museum is free.  There’s no cost to visit this museum.  If you ever have a chance to be in Tokyo, you must drop by!
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Thanks for sharing. Some very interesting displays. Neat that they actually have Canadian currency on display as well.

Always looking for #1 serial number notes in any denomination/any series
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Great post coinsplus!  I wonder what the museum did with the Bird $5 to $100 Specimens now that they have been replaced with non-Specimen Journey Series note.

I'll have to check out the Currency Museum if I ever have the opportunity to visit Tokyo again.
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Interesting photos Thanks for sharing.
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A truly wonderful post, CoinsPlus. Congratulations! It's amazing to see those early high-denomination Japanese rarities of which few issued examples are known. I began to feel that I was actually at the Museum in person!

" Buy the very best notes that you can afford and keep them for at least 10 years. " (Richard D. Lockwood, private communication, 1978).
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Those Swiss notes are great!!

Thank you for sharing the pictures.



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