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« on: February 23, 2008, 07:51:29 pm »

I recently acquired a run of 1967 M/P notes from a dealer in Winnipeg -  362311 through 1362323 with the exception of 1362319 that was replaced by *B/M15711995.  Of course, the M/P notes all have the same front and back plate numbers (16/19) as does the *B/M note.  No body would have had any reason to search bricks in 1967 but I am wondering if any one knows which replacement notes would have been inserted into the various prefixes. 

Of course, any one having a run of these notes could insert a repacement note for a regular note and, accordingly, there should be no premium attributable therefor.  But I am curious.

Unfortunately, not a single note grades UNC according to IBNS standards but most of the notes have only a single demerit as defined in the current Charlton - a very minor counting crease.

I am still working on the "starter set" of these notes - one of each prefix and the 4 replacments in UNC (as defined by IBNS).  The M/P continues to elude me as does the *F/P - but the notes acquired today are an improvement over a note described as UNC repatriated from England bv way of eBay a number of years ago.

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