Topic: Singapore UNC ERROR $1 BIRD NOTE 111116-11112O  (Read 2986 times)
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Can someone tell me how much is this worth?  They are in UNC condition.  I guess the error would be the G/12 on every note.  I do not know the year.

There is another note which is not shown (same as attached images with same condition), it has 2 serial numbers mismatched.  How much is it worth?


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I'm sorry.  Can you explain what exactly is the error?  I'm not familiar with Singapore notes, but I'm not seeing an error.

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Hi Kelly,

I saw this at an online auction, not Ebay.  I'm not quite sure what is the error, but I noticed the G/12 on all the notes.  Shouldn't this marking be unique for each note?  I'm still waiting for the Seller to respond to my question.  I do not have a Singapore Currency catalog to verify if this.  ANy help from members in this forum is very appreciated.

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There's no error here! It's a common note first issued in 1976. It's possible that G/12 was the last prefix to be issued before the release of the new design $1 note in 1987.

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