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Does anyone know anything about the value of a pre-Castro Cuban (paper) peso?
Serial number is 0249977, no date.  Says "el banco espanol de la isla de cuba...Habana, 15 de Mayo de 1896..American Bank Note Co. NY. Front image looks like a seal, reverse is a woman's head, in an oval, with "El Banco Espanol"

Condition is very good, I think.  Worn center crease, pinhole, no tears, corners good.

Any assistance or info or comments on value would be great! One of three random notes from my grandfather's wallet...he died in 1952.

Thanks in advance, Laurie

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This note is listed in the Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money Catalogue as Pick # 47a. It has a book value of $1.00 in VG and $5.00 in VF.

" Buy the very best notes that you can afford and keep them for at least 10 years. " (Richard D. Lockwood, private communication, 1978).

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