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« on: May 29, 2008, 12:15:14 am »

After being about 3 months without searching any brick i was lucky enough to go work in a branch in which they let me search the bricks. 1 brick of each of these AOW, AOZ, APA, APB (2), BEY, BTG, BTK (2). I only had 1 hour to search all these. So i went quick on some of these brick but i checked back the BEY and AOW 3 times each to get sure i had found all of the inserts in them.

Was lucky enough here's what i found
BEY 5391000 to 5391999 replacing 5391499 / BEY2936768
BTG 4939000 to 4939999 nothing
BTK 2 all skip numbered brick all starting by BTK662.... only found 2 digits radar BTK6622266

AOW3114000 to 3114999 replacing 3114229 to 3114255 / AOT3029365 to AOT3029391
AOZ5877000 to 5877999 run of 15 AOV5237805 to 819
APA5300000 to 5309999 nothing
APB2017000 to 2017999 nothing
APB2018000 to 2018999 nothing

some nice find expecially 2 range that haven't been confirmed yet (if they will ever be). The BEY and AOT aren't for sale at the moment.


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