Topic: $5 serial number on front  (Read 15994 times)
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« Reply #15 on: June 13, 2004, 07:54:34 am »

On June 10th, Tom wrote
I have not had a chance to see many Journey error notes, but the bird series bar codes are added separatly, and first before anything else.  Most likely the same with the Journey notes though

Here's a pair of EJBs, the lower note has the whole thing (S/Ns & Bar Codes) shifted about 2 digits to the right when compared to the one above. This indicates to me that both S/Ns & Bar Codes were printed together at the same time!?

Whereas the set of Bird $5 below all have their S/Ns shifted in a certain degree (some more than the others) to the right, yet the Bar Codes remained quite station. Another prove that they may not be printed at the same time!?

Please correct me if I am wrong, Tom.

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« Reply #16 on: August 01, 2004, 10:14:25 pm »

This example found in circulation isn't as strong as the note posted by arjay but the serial numbers are still clearly visible on the front. The bar codes don't show through which supports the idea that they are added seperatly. How common is this bleed through?

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