Topic: Radar, repeaters, fanccy, and replacements found in USA $1 Brick Search  (Read 6831 times)
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To All:

I just want to share my bills I have found during brick searching.  I was excited when the Bank Teller handed me the brick of $1 and I took a quick glimpse at the S/N........ and I was amazed of radars and repeaters in this brick from L76699001H~L76700000H:o :D :o

There were 2 replacement notes found in the last 2 notes, see link above.  I have not looked all the bills yet, but there were minor ink smears.  I don't think this is a big deal.

Please take a look and feel free for any comments.

Take care,
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This is for the US $$$ collectors.

Anyone care to offer a generalization on market values for 2, 3 or 4 digit radars as compared to Canadian equivalent bank notes.

Thanks Craig
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I only started collecting USD notes within the last few months but from my limited knowledge:

Unless they're super radars ABBBBBBA etc they are not really valued to highly. I scratch my head and wonder why considering USD notes have 1 extra digit meaning the center number MUST be doubled for it to be a radar AAABBAAA, hence they are harder to come by.

In general Radars, unless super, aren't too hard expensive to get. I offered a buy-it-now of $5.75 with shipping included and it was accepted within 5-10 minutes. (G17599571B)

Even two digit radars aren't really prized. Ive seen quite a few at buy it now $20-25 range that have been running forever without any buyers.

Another odd thing is that collectors of american notes really love their broken/partial ladders as well as their binary numbered serial numbers.
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