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I recieved this note at work about a year ago and Ragpicker posted a link to it on this site. I recieved a couple of emails from nova7415 about it and never heard from him again. I can not find anyone in this area who can authenticate the note (Southern Saskatchewan) which is what nova7415 asked that I do before he would make me an offer. I still have the note in my possession and I'm wondering if anyone knows who I can get to authenticate this note?

Thanks for any information that anyone can supply.

I just read the posting from a year ago:

and it pissed me off! No where in my comunications with nova7415 was there any mention of a value of $1100.00, he mentioned a book price from the Charlton Canadian Government Paper Money Catalogue. I still have copies of all the emails from nova7415 if anyone wants to see them.
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Can you re-post the picture of the serial # side? It can't be viewed. And I don't think anyone would want to see copies of the emails, except maybe Nova. It doesn't really matter what went down a year ago in a deal that didn't happen  ;)
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I have reposted them. I hope that it works now.
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If that would be my note, I WOULD KEEP IT.
The last time they used C in a prefix was the $ 1 note if I am correct.  ???
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The last time they used C in a prefix was the $ 1 note if I am correct.  ???
Birds $2, CBA-CBK prefixes.

This is the only usage of the C prefix letter in the 3-digit prefixes.

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