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Opening Statement:

Welcome to the Canadian Paper Money Forum. Thank you for visiting and having a look around.  In order to post in any forum you must first sign up and become a forum member.  After you have signed up please feel free to post in any of the available sections.  When making your posts we do ask that you please follow all of the outlined rules and codes that have been put in place to make this forum a great and welcoming site for members of any age.  Last but not least please respect all other members and moderators. This site takes a lot of people many hours to make it operate as efficiently and hassle-free as it does.


I - General
  • Please keep all content clean and presentable as our forum has a wide age range of members. This is a family site, and please treat and respect people how you yourself would want to be treated.
  • We ask that you only have one account per person on this forum.
  • When you are about to make a post please look at the past posts to see if your question or topic has already been posted in past topics. You can use the search button to help find the topic at hand more easier.
  • When responding to or making an addition to an already started post, please keep it on topic of what the first/original topic was. It is very easy to have a forum topic sway far off track leading to something other then the original topic and makes it very hard for people to follow when looking through the posting headings.
  • When starting a new thread, please post it to the most appropriate forum. A wide variety of forums have been created on this site to improve the organization of information. This helps members and guests find relevant threads quickly and easily.
  • Due to the limited amount of size when using the forum's own photo service, we ask you to use a secondary photo device such as ImageShack or similar software to post your pictures on the forum. It makes posting larger and higher quality photos much easier.
  • When making a comment that is intended to be sarcasm or as a joking remark you must clearly indicate it as sarcastic.  Any members reading this marked text should not take the comment too serious, and they must realize that the remark is made in good humour.
  • Slander, libel, and in general, defamation is strictly forbidden on the Canadian Paper Money Forums. Any posts, even those made in a sarcastic or joking manner, which may cause injury to the reputation of an individual or organization, or which may expose them to public contempt, hatred, ridicule or condemnation, will be removed by the moderators. All such posts will be deemed to be false information and will be treated as libel, regardless of any truth behind them.
  • If you have questions or comments about an item posted on eBay, do not include a link to the eBay item and do not mention the seller's name. Please only post an image of the note, and/or the text of the description. Any comments made or implied about the buyer or seller of the item may be treated as libel per the above rule. Similar rules apply to items found in auction catalogues, dealer inventories and elsewhere.
  • The opinions expressed on this website are those of their contributors and do not represent the opinions of the moderators and/or administrators. The moderators and administrators cannot be held responsible for the posts and actions of forum members.

II - Trading Post
  • In order to start using the Trading Post section to sell your specific notes, you must have a minimum of 15 posts. By doing this it gives prospective buyers some extra sense of security and it gives the seller a chance to get to know forum members and how this website functions.
  • When using the Trading Post to sell an item, it is only to be used for private listings only and no advertising of any business or commercial ads. As well, you may not advertise your own personal listings on other sites that one may be using to sell their items elsewhere. So if you have other items for sale on eBay, you can not reference their auction numbers to try and attract more prospective buyers.
  • The Trading Post may not be used to buy, sell or trade any items which may be illegal. Further, any counterfeit items, or fabricated errors may not be listed without explicitly and clearly stating the nature of the item. Items listed on Trading Post should be limited to paper money, but exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis. Please ask before posting non-numismatic items.
  • The bump feature.  When you have made a post regarding an item for sale or an item wanted and you do not feel that you had enough feedback on your topic, you may use the bump feature one time.  By posting the word "bump" in your own thread, it brings that specific thread back up to the top of the list to catch the reader's eye again without having to redo your entire original post.
  • When selling an item in the Trading Post, please reply to your thread after the item has been sold giving an indication of that fact. This alerts moderators to close and remove the thread. This also helps keep the forum organized and helps potential buyers focus on items that are still for sale.
  • If someone is looking for a note, do not post to their thread saying you're looking for the same thing too. If someone is selling a note, do not post to their thread saying you're selling one too. Use your own threads. Using someone else's Trading Post thread is considered thread hijacking and is very poor etiquette.
  • All trades conducted via the Trading Post and/or the forums in general are considered private transactions. The moderators and/or administrators cannot be held responsible for any aspect of any transaction conducted here. All transactions are conducted at the buyer and seller's own risk. Caveat emptor / buyer beware.

III - Insert (Replacement) Notes and Ranges
The following regulations are in place to strengthen the integrity and reliability of insert range data.  False or misleading information, and even authentic information disseminated by various other sources, serves to undermine the overall integrity of the data, produces extensive confusion, and impairs collector confidence in insert notes.
  • All posts made to the forums (in the Trading Post or otherwise) concerning insert replacement notes must refer to the specific insert ranges and must refer to their status as being "confirmed" or "unconfirmed", and any posts mentioning confirmed ranges must cite their source.
  • For the purpose of this requirement, "confirmed" means any insert range that appears in any of the following publications:
    • The current edition of the Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Government Paper Money
    • The most recent issue of the Canadian Paper Money Society Newsletter
    • Any bi-monthly mailed list from Gilles Pomerleau no older than two months prior to the publication of the current Charlton catalogue
  • Any insert ranges which have been stated verbally by any source do not qualify as confirmed ranges. "Unconfirmed" means any insert range which is not "confirmed".
  • No post may refer to the name of Gilles Pomerleau in the context of unconfirmed insert ranges.
  • Any posts which refer to insert ranges without stating the "confirmed" or "unconfirmed" status or are otherwise inconsistent with the above regulations may be removed or edited at the discretion of a moderator.

A few simple examples of valid posts are:
  • For sale: Two APX inserts, 0123566 and 0123567 (APX 0.122-0.124M, GP Mar 2009). $45 for the pair.
  • Just found two new APX inserts: 0246855 and 0246856 in a brick of APR. These are unconfirmed insert notes.

IV - Consequences
For members not complying with the outlined rules, the following is a list of possible outcomes:
  • The administrators and moderators have the responsibility to alter posts if they feel that there is offensive material or that they have gone outside of the forum guidelines.
  • 1st offense - is a warning and reference to what was the initial problem.
  • 2nd offense - a second warning and a one week suspension will come into effect.
  • 3rd offense - you will be reminded that this is the third and last warning and a three week suspension will come into effect.
  • 4th offense - this will result in your membership being suspended indefinitely.

If you require further assistance or need clarification of any of the above stated rules please contact the site administrator or any of the forum moderators and they will assist you as best they can. Also if you have any problems to report, please notify the administrator or a moderator. They will take care of it for you. Please do not try to solve any problems yourself when it comes to an outspoken post or comment!
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