Topic: Possible misprint: UNC 1974 $2 Lawson-Bouey  (Read 4781 times)
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« on: October 03, 2004, 02:57:52 am »

Hello, I am new to the forums but I'm a fairly new collector of Canadian paper and coins. I have a bit more coins than paper money, but I still enjoy paper money a bit more.

So, my story is: I bought a UNC $2 1974 Lawson-Bouey today. The bill is in perfect condition, but I noticed that it was bigger than a normal bill (such as the 1973 $1 etc.). So sure enough a bill is suppost to be exactly 6 inches in length and my $2 bill is about 1/8 inch wider. And I also noticed that the top of the bill is not right either. From the "Banque du Canada/Bank of Canada" border to the very top of the bill it is about 3mm on the left and then gradully grows to about 4-5mm by the right side, mind you now that I look at it, the whole bill looks off center.

Is this a printing error? Is it good or bad? Does it make the bill worth less or more? I don't think the bill is fake, but please help me out with the photo I'll post.
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I can't comment on the extra length of your note, nor the reason why the top doesn't appear level. But I can say that the unlevelness of the printing is quite common in these notes.

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Ok, thanks for the help.

Does anyone else know about the 1974 $2 bills printed uncentered or longer than normal?
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I have one that's over 6 inches long as well, ( get your minds out of the gutter), by a little more than an 1/8 of an inch - and its also off-centre. The white margin looks huge. I'm led to believe this is common in that series and denomination.  A  keeper, but not worthy of any premium.
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These types of printing errors were actually quite common in the multicoloured $2 notes in particular. The same error can be found on my *BM 1974 2$ note as well.  Since these types of errors are common, no premium can be expected.  :-/
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Ok thanks for the help guys! :)

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