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Re: the Value Guide on pg. 358
It gives percentages to devaluate a note based on it's condition then goes on to say "Obviously the application of these guidelines must not depreciate the value of the note below its face value". If you apply the Value Guide to the book price it is easy to devalue a note below its face value.

Perhaps it could provide a simple formula instead, such as;
ALMOST UNC (AU) value equals 80% of the premium above face value. etc.
ex: I recently found a $10 Journey 3 digit radar note in VF condition.
Therefore: $25(UNC) - $10(face value) = $15(premium) / 80%(devaluation) = $12(devalued premium) + $10(face value) = $22.

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First and foremost, the value guide is just that: a guide.

For notes where the guide suggests a value less than face value, the value is face value.

Regarding changes, the current value guide is simple and easy, just as it should be.  Frankly, your suggested method is more complex and won't fly.

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Thanks for the clarification.
Ya' can't blame a guy for wanting his first radar note to be worth a couple bucks more than face value!
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