Topic: Positioning of Inserts in a bundle with sequential notes  (Read 6826 times)
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« on: May 26, 2013, 01:55:21 pm »

Here is sequencing of notes from a bundle of $5 journey notes that I received:

HPK 8725714
HPK 8757600
HP# ####483 (From a range of confirmed replacement notes with a prefix alphabetically prior to HPK)
HP# ####484 (From a range of confirmed replacement notes same prefix as above)
HP# ####482 (From a range of confirmed replacement notes same prefix as above)
HPK 8757601 to HPK 8757690
HPK 8757694 to HPK 8757698

The above notes were in a CBN marked holder

Is it just me or does it really tell a story about sheet replacements and their positioning, single note replacements and their source/positioning.

Some additional observations that I made:

Except of HPK 8725714 all the other notes showed shearing marks and cupping mark patterns that would indicate that they were subject to cutting under the same shearing stroke. In fact HPK 8725714 edges showed shearing marks that were substantially different than the rest of the  bundle.

The above observation about HPK 8725714 holds true when it is noticed that it comes comes from the same ream as the notes in the rest of the bundle and furthermore from the same thousandth as the notes in the bundle (except of course the three confirmed sheet replacement notes).

Perhaps this type of information has been published before and I may have missed it but I thought the above will add to the knowledge base about inserts/replacements and their positioning in a bundle.

The notes other than confirmed replacement notes and some notes with interesting minor ink errors will be going back into circulation soon. If there are suggestions about retrieving any additional useful information please let me know.

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