Topic: Classification system for cataloging variations in Canadian banknotes  (Read 12402 times)
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I am trying to catalog different conditions which represent variations from specifications in Canadian banknotes.

The error classification system in the Canadian GPM catalogue is a good start.

Are there any other systems out there? Does anyone have a system that they use to catalogue banknote images and are willing to share?

So far I am looking at the following variables to be captured:

Variations caused as a result of substrate issues
Variations caused as a result of printing (involves manner in which ink gets applied or not)
Variations caused as a result of final sorting, cutting, packaging and distribution
Affected elements (signature, prefix/numbers, microprint, intaglio)
Severity and frequency of the variation within the same note

Finally if anyone routinely archives images of banknotes would you be willing to share the resolution and settings at which you scan them?

Thank you

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