Topic: Need Help grading 1954 $2 S/R "TEST" note  (Read 8669 times)
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« on: February 17, 2014, 06:43:26 pm »

Hello Everyone, I need your help grading my 1954 $2 S/R test note which I inherited from my Grandfather. I have no experience in this hobby and would like your advice. I've only recently started to educate myself to this hobby. :)

From my examination I do not see any folds or creases nor any counting flicks. Edges and corners seem sharp. I feel the Embossing when passing my fingers through the note.

ok. seems like I'm having troubles uploading the images. Anyways i've uploaded to my dropbox, here is the link where you can see images of the bank note.

Thank you in advance for all your help!

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ok. seems like I'm having troubles uploading the images.

Instructions on how to post images are located here:

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Try holding the note at an angle under a bright light source.  This will highlight and counting flicks, or creases.  Was the note kept in a book between the pages or glued/taped into an album??  If so, then it may be considered to be pressed.  There appears to be some staining in the margins on the back of the note. 

From my very superficial analysis of your photos, I think this note could be EF-AU in condition and a value of $275-450 according to the site below.

Without having it in my hands, it is difficult to properly assess it.  The condition could be actually higher.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Dean for your response!

I've examined the bill how you suggested and didn't see any creases or folds, maybe 1 counting flic. The note was kept flat with many other bills in a rectangular container.

Once again, thank you for your input.

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Thanks Dean for that link....very interesting, lots of good info too.... ;D


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