Topic: 1973 $1 *AN research results  (Read 3591 times)
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« on: July 07, 2014, 07:50:14 pm »

The new edition of Charlton should be hitting store shelves any day, so now is a good time to present research that will not be appearing in the catalogue for at least another year.

I have been collecting data on *AN asterisk notes, mostly from online sources, for the past couple of years.  Here is my "register" of notes recorded:

*an 1681495       Charlton 9th-23rd LOW
*an 1689216       Charlton 5th LOW
*an 1695754       VG-F  dealer
*an 1711868       unknown  CPM forum post
*an 1715478       circ  eBay (Feb 2014)
*an 1721565       circ  eBay (May 2014)
*an 1729777       AU+  dealer
*an 1729778       AU+  dealer
*an 1742408       circ  eBay
*an 2411315       circ  eBay (Feb 2014)
*an 2417474       VF  private collection
*an 2423121       circ  ebay (Apr 2014)
*an 2449007       circ  ebay (Jun 2013)
*an 2457586       VF+ eBay (Jan 2014)
*an 2457677       circ  eBAY (Jul 2013)
*an 2467049       unknown  eBay
*an 2494615       circ  eBay (Apr 2013)
*an 2503020       VG-F (trs)  eBay (Dec 2012)
*an 2509038       circ  eBay (Nov 2013)
*an 2520735       circ  eBay (Mar 2013)
*an 2529702       circ  eBay (Nov 2013)
*an 2568919       unknown  G Bell auction (Jun 2012)
*an 2571915        Ch Unc  Colonial Acres
*an 2577439       circ  eBay (July 2013)
*an 2590331       F-VF private collection
*an 2605589       unknown  eBay (Feb 2013)
*an 2613041        "Gem Unc"  eBay (Jul-Dec 2012)
*an 2613045        Ch Unc  eBay 
*an 2618181       circ  eBay (May 2014)
*an 2629081       unknown  CPM forum post
*an 2641718        error  G Bell auction (Jun 2012)
*an 2642346       circ  eBay (Nov 2013)
*an 2648415       BCS-62-original  eBay (Feb 2014)
*an 2653358       circ  ebay (Jun 2013)
*an 2656133       unknown  eBay (Nov 2012)
*an 2676278       "Unc"  eBay (July 2012)
*an 2676279       unknown  eBay (July 2012)
*an 2691736       Unc  CPMS forum
*an 2691737       Unc  CPMS forum
*an 2691738       Unc  CPMS forum
*an 2691739       Unc  CPMS forum
*an 2691740       Unc  CPMS forum
*an 2691741       Unc  CPMS forum
*an 2691743       Unc  CPMS forum
*an 2715427       circ  ebay (June 2013)
*an 2722759       "Unc"  ebay (March 2013)
*an 2730800       unknown  CPM forum post
*an 2731931       circ  eBay (Apr 2014)
*an 2733844        Unc  eBay (Feb 2013)
*an 2734197       "XF+"  eBay (July 2012)
*an 2744985       "Unc"  eBay (Feb 2013)
*an 2748444       "Unc"  eBay (May 2013)
*an 2749712       unknown  eBay (Mar 2013)
*an 2784985       "Unc"  eBay (Feb 2013)
*an 2789105       circ  eBay (Nov 2013)
*an 2789895        Unc eBay  (Jan 2014)
*an 2796946       VF private collection
*an 2816086       "Unc"  eBay (Jan 2014)
*an 2821442       "AU"  eBay (Jan 2014)
*an 2824771       circ  Colonial Acres
*an 2832360       low grade  eBay
*an 2838103       AU-Unc  eBay (Mar 2014)
*an 2838104       AU-Unc  eBay (Mar 2014)
*an 2859899       VF private collection
*an 2860051       circ  eBay (Apr 2013)
*an 2884685       circ  eBay (Mar 2013)
*an 2911402       Fine Gatewest auctions (Nov 2013)
*an 2926232       circ  eBay
*an 2929427       Fine private collection
*an 2939281       circ eBay (Jul 2012)
*an 2945941       circ eBay (Jul 2012)
*an 2974708       Unc eBay (Nov 2013)
*an 2974709       Unc eBay (Nov 2013)
*an 3004839       low grade  eBay
*an 3011766       Unc  Colonial Acres
*an 3020297       Fine+ private collection
*an 3031032       unknown  CPM forum post
*an 3035938       circ eBay (Jul 2012)
*an 3044497       high grade  eBay (Jun 2014)
*an 3051111       PCGS 58 PPQ  eBay (Dec 2012)
*an 3081903       Gem Unc
*an 3100847       circ  eBay (Jan 2014)
*an 3100975       Unc  eBay (Feb 2013)
*an 3102098       AU  eBay (Feb 2014)
*an 3102385       AU  Colonial Acres
*an 3131077       Fine+ private collection
*an 3134698       VF private collection
*an 3179569       VF  eBay (Mar 2013)
*an 3182017       "Unc"  eBay (Sep 2013)
*an 3184685       Charlton 5th-18th HIGH
*an 3185417       Charlton 19th HIGH
*an 3195847       Charlton 20th-23rd HIGH

Conditions are estimated and are not authoritative.  The dates are also not representative of when the notes first appeared for sale because some notes have been offered for sale over a long period of time.

What immediately stands out from the data set is the fact that the vast majority of notes fall within the range *AN 2400000-3200000.  Very few fall within the range *AN 1600000-2400000.  In fact, I have failed to find any notes in the range *AN 1800000-2400000.  My feeling is that there are two different ranges, and each range may have been created for different purposes.  The lower smaller range may have been printed for the Bank of Canada for use as true replacements, while the higher range was made for use by the printers themselves as "star make-up notes".  We have seen this sort of dual use of a replacement prefix previously (such as *A/G in 1954 series $2 notes and *R/X in 1954 series $5 notes).

The starting and endpoints of the lower range is unconfirmed because so few notes have been recorded.  We can assume that *AN notes, like regular 1973 $1 notes, were printed 40/on with a skip interval of 500, so reams in runs of 20,000 notes.  Using the data, it looks like the lower range is *AN 1680000-1760000, so 4 reams (80,000 notes) in size  The larger upper range *AN 2400000-3200000 is 40 reams (800,000 notes) in size.

Research is not finished!  Don't think for one second that this new information will make it into the next Charlton catalogue.  If you have *AN notes below 2400000, or can document the existence of any you come across, feel free to post the details on this thread or submit them to the Serial Number Database (SNDB).  Sheet numbers are optional if you report them here, mandatory if you make a SNDB submission (unfortunately).  More data means we can speed up the process to getting the most accurate information into the catalogue sooner.

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« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2014, 12:03:29 am »

Very interesting finds. Perhaps like other replacement notes we might have two ranges with two prices. When i get chance i will check which *AN i have. I hope its in the lower range  ;)
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« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2014, 11:23:21 pm »

Very interesting!  Good job!!!


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