Topic: How to search for 1954 $1000 DH note with bad back, good front?  (Read 3680 times)
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I'm framing a complete set of 1954 DH notes, but of course the $1000 DH is expensive (and I do not yet have one).  I could save by buying one that has pen or stamp ink on the back, since (unless it bled through) would not really matter as much to me.

I'm wondering if there is verbiage or abbreviations that might indicate that the quality issue for a bill is on the BACK.  I'm assuming not, but it'd make my search cheaper if there were!

My eBay wishlist search that I've been running for years has really only found ugly stuff!

Any help appreciated.  Or heck, if you have a 1954 DH 1K graded well at a decent price, drop me a note ( if you prefer).


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