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« on: August 07, 2015, 08:08:25 am »

I'm not really a "bill guy" as far as grading goes and I find I usually tend to undergrade coins a bit.  At first glance, all these bills appear to be UNC, further scrutiny shows some demerits, I think. was exciting to find these bills in circulation today.  Not too valuable but better than face for most.
1986 Series - Birds of Canada - $5
ANM5418118 Knight/Thiessen - AU (center crease pressed out-barely noticeable)
HNB8931294 Knight/Dodge - EF-AU (some minor creasing pressed out)
ANT2712710  Knight/Dodge - AU (possible creases pressed)
GPW7588626 Knight/Dodge - AU of better (possibly UNC)

2001-2002 Series - $5
HNP1052014  Jenkins/Dodge - UNC


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