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« on: April 07, 2016, 11:50:40 pm »

For those that use the coin counting machines after you roll hunt, beware. It made all over the news as NBC News did a test of CoinStar Branded Machines that you see in grocery stores, and the TD Coin Counting Machines at most TD Bank locations. The investigation showed that not one TD machine was accurate, and all of them short changed the customer. All of the CoinStar Machines conducted in ths test, found in the grocery stores, were 100% accurate. As a result of this NBC test, TD has pulled all of their machines off line in the United States. One machine short changed the tester by $43 which was suppose to be $300 in coins.

On a side note, the coin counting machines in the States are the same ones in Canada from the same supplier (just different monitors and set-up). So, coin hunters and depositors, beware. So, not sure if TD Canada Trust have the same issues as their US counterparts.  TD in the States are conducting accuracy tests and more maintenance to ensure confidence.

News video:


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