Topic: "Weathered Vimy" $20 Bank of Canada Polymer Frontier Series  (Read 4183 times)
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(Please click on image to see higher resolution)

The above image is not from a beaten up note found in circulation but one that is in a UNC condition. There is a certain pattern  in which this condition is found in the $20 Bank of Canada Polymer Frontier Series Notes.

This is a fine example of a note where there are selective areas within a certain region of the note that are affected by this condition while the adjoining areas are not. In this particular case notice the areas pointed to by the red arrows. They are the one of main faces of the monument with the "same exposure to weathering". The side faces of the monument on the same note as shown by the blue rectangles are not affected. So I have reinterpreted the vignette in this bank note as "Weathered Vimy" as it gives a sense that one face of the monument is weathered.

This condition can be predicted i.e. which bank note (prefix and serial number ranges) is affected. This is another example where it is most likely that the plate has been affected which in turn has caused this condition on the bank notes.

I will share the identification information for this condition. In the meantime if you are able to find this in your collection you can share the affected prefix-serial numbers. If you look at the back of the $20 this condition will be evident as it presents a vignette which is noticeably higher in contrast when viewed normally without magnification.

Wonder what paper money would say if it could talk?

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