Topic: Colonial Bank of Canada $2 note.  (Read 3537 times)
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« on: April 10, 2019, 02:51:47 pm »

I've got this 1859 Colonial Bank of Canada $2. It is dated May 4th, 1859 and is signed by T. Hough. The strange thing about it is while it is signed and dated, it does not have a serial number. According to, issued notes will be signed, dated and have a serial number. Non issued notes will have no date, signature or serial number. There is no mention of my combination. Can anyone tell me if I have an issued note? I did purchase it from a reputable dealer so I have no doubt of its authenticity.

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I have recorded four other 1859 one signature (pink) $2s with no apparent number, so it seems more likely that there are signed remainders, rather than the numbers having been lost through heavy washing, for example.
There are also only 10 more recorded that do have numbers, making this the scarcest Colonial Bank note below the $20 denomination.

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wow! thats pretty special! Having paid less then $200, I would have thought it would be more common then that.
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Nice note

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