Topic: Canadian Tire Money is no longer available in physical form!  (Read 2417 times)
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Canadian Tire Money has been morphed to "electronic CT money" officially on March 10th of 2023.  The Canadian Tire Collectors Club (CTCC) received a communication stating CT money was discontinued as a health and safety precaution during the Covid-19 pandemic.  In July 2020, redemption was back on so customers could continue to use their Paper ‘Money’ in stores; however, issuance remained off.

The Corporation printed 5186 one hundred dollar notes in 2022 and around 1,000 have been issued through different promotions throughout the country since July of 2022.  Not all people that received one are collectors, so they redeem them at the stores.  If you are really lucky and have a good relationship with a CT store, they can save one for you. The lowest I have seen so far is 202200296 and the highest I have seen is 202205101.

The Corporation also printed 2,000 one dollar notes with an identical design to the $100.00 notes, just a slight different color scheme.  They were numbered from 202200001 to 202202000. The first five hundred were kept by the Corporation for internal VIPs.  The rest was shipped to the CTCC for distribution to its members which was done in April of 2023.  These notes are only available through the CTCC.  The remaining one dollar notes will be given to future members that join the Club.

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