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The International Bank Note Society (I.B.N.S.) is the group to be a part of if you are a collector or dealer in world banknotes.  The I.B.N.S. has much to offer including an award winning quarterly journal, an expert panel with 60+ specialists, lively chat groups and an online forum, the Bank Note of the Year award and a worldwide membership and events.

Another benefit of membership in the I.B.N.S. is a 30% discount on an annual subscription to the online Banknote Book catalogue of world notes.  While the previous go-to catalogue was a printed behemoth with black and white images of only a portion of the notes and hasn't been updated in five years (and won't be again), the Banknote Book features full colour images of every note and is updated weekly.  I've personally made a handful of minor contributions and they have appeared in the published files within days.  Just contact the publisher before signing up, tell them your I.B.N.S. membership number and that you would like the discount.

The I.B.N.S. is a worldwide organization with a worldwide membership.  As such, it can be hard to provide localized services, but this is done through chapters, of which there are twenty active across the globe.  Most are regional chapters, but a themed chapter for collectors of African banknotes also exists.

Since early 2022, we have had our own ONTARIO CHAPTER right here!  But we don't confine ourselves to just Ontario - we're happy to have members from anywhere - and indeed we have members from Saskatchewan to Indiana to Nova Scotia and many points in between.  The Ontario Chapter holds monthly meetings on Zoom with a pre-selected show and tell topic and usually a guest speaker.  Including open-ended social time, meetings usually last from 7pm to about 9pm.

Membership in the I.B.N.S. Ontario Chapter is FREE - all we ask is that you first be a member of the I.B.N.S.  The Ontario Chapter is operating in association with the Waterloo Coin Society (W.C.S.) which brings with it a few benefits:
  • W.C.S. members who join the I.B.N.S. get $5 off their next W.C.S. renewal
  • I.B.N.S. members who join the W.C.S. get $5 off their first year of W.C.S. membership
  • I.B.N.S. Ontario Chapter members receive the W.C.S. Newsletter free of charge
  • I.B.N.S. Ontario Chapter members get FREE admission to the annual Cambridge Coin Show
  • Chance to win a monthly prize by participating in the jigsaw puzzle contest

So what are you waiting for??? Join the International Bank Note Society and the Ontario Chapter!  Not ready to take the plunge?  Contact me for an invitation to our next monthly Zoom meeting and be our guest.

Life Member of CPMS, RCNA, ONA, ANA, IBNS, WCS.
President, IBNS Ontario Chapter.
Treasurer, Waterloo Coin Society.
Show Chair, Cambridge Coin Show.
Fellow of the Ontario Numismatic Association.

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