Topic: Discovery on $2 1986 with large B  (Read 1640 times)
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« on: March 17, 2024, 08:09:31 pm »

You know how I'm creazy about large ''B'' in 2$ 1986.I will share with you my last discovery.

The first one is I finaly found a radar with one large ''B'' on the left side in BGR prefix 3376733 and I also have the next radar 3377733 but no large ''B' on this one.

The second is on replacement BBX.For now I found BBX 0907097 with two small ''B'' and the one I have more near for now it's BBX 0784365 with two large ''B''.I think before 0900000 they are all large ''B'' and after turn to small ''B''like the BBP prefix,they start with all two large ''B'' and somewhere over 3million turn to two small ''B''.And what was my surprise when I found a BBX 3476975 with one large ''B on the left and small ''B'' on the right.

The last for now it's a prefix I never imagine it could be have this kind of variety it's on a BUJ prefix with large ''B'' on the left  and small on the right
You don't imagine how many 2$ I saw until for now,many thousand only this week end it's 1000 x2$ 1986.
If you have 2$ 1986 with prefix who start with BG..A to Z and with and without large ''B''I really apreciate if you let me information it's for my registery.More information I have better it's for me to maybe imagine where the range is?
Thank you.


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