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If any of you come by Hong Kong, make it a note to visit the HKMA's Visitor's Centre in Central, Hong Kong. It is located on the 51st floor of Hong Kong's tallest building, the International Finance Centre, and offers a wonderful panoramic view of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

Printing processes are shown, with specimens of threads, inks, plates being shown, unfinsihed notes are shown, and numbering mechanisms are also demonstrated.

There is also a display of every single Hong Kong note issued by every note-issuing bank, with the number AA000001.

Counterfeits, ranging from crude to professional are also on display. Real notes also provided beside the fakes for comparisons.

A library there has books all about paper money, A WPM Catalog is there, numerous US Paper Money catalogs and some other World Catalogs are available. Publications from virtually every Central Bank in the World are also available.

You can print your own banknote, with a serial numbering machine, and a stamp where you can make the see through puzzle image that we have on our $10-$100 notes.

Be sure to bring your passport or HKID card to register at the lobby in order to gain access to the centre.

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