Topic: Dominion notes - size please?  (Read 4536 times)
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Probably too late for the 19th edition due out in July, but could the 20th edition maybe indicate what the size of each issue of Dominion notes should be?

The first thing I do when I get a Bank of Canada note I've bought from eBay is whip out my ruler and measure it (the banknote I mean ::)) to determine if the note has been trimmed, and to record for insurance purposes.

I've bought several Dominion notes that appear OK but I have no idea how to tell if they've been trimmed because I can't find the measurements for length and width.  I have noticed some slight variation between different issues of Dominion notes but nothing that appears to me as cause for concern.

In the meantime, if anyone knows where I can get the measurements for Dominion notes, I'm all ears :)

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This is not as simple as it seems.  The notes were printed wet, and did not shrink uniformly as they dried.  You can find notes produced by this process which have significantly different dimensions, without any of them having been trimmed by modern note doctors (quacks!).  The differences can be quite substantial even between the printed frame line boundaries.
As an alternative to checking against the desired official measurements, I would suggest that one be very suspicious of notes which match any of the following descriptions:
i.  appear to be sparse of margin all around
ii.  have sharp, square corners in spite of having been well circulated
iii.  have a very tight margin at one side without a corresponding generous margin on the opposite side
iv.  exhibit signs of fresh cutting
Some issues normally have larger margins than others.  The 1878 scalloped border notes have notoriously tight margins.

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