Topic: BANK OF CANADA $5 1935 SERIAL #A000001  (Read 4240 times)
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I first reported the existence of this #000001 (Plate D) note in the CPM Newsletter eleven years ago (see December 1995 issue, page 109). I sold it on eBay about five years later but I blundered badly as I carelessly listed it in the CHINA paper money category -- I had been listing several lots of Chinese currency and forgot to change the listing category when I got to this $5 1935 note(!). Fortunately, I had protected the note with a fairly high (for the time) starting bid of US$3500. This note was bid on and purchased by a Singapore dealer who had evidently seen it in the Chinese category (the item received only one single bid!). I never found out what happened to this rare note afterwards. Is anyone aware of where it is now?

The note was only in F-VF condition with several cross-folds and a rusty paper clip mark at the top left. I suspect that it was presented to a VIP at the time of issue and that he/she kept it as a "conversation piece". I did retain a photocopy of the note and I colored in the tint panel at the bottom. I have attached an image of this colored photocopy. The Bank of Canada Currency Museum had $5 1935 #A000001 (Plate Letter B) on display at one time and it may still be on display.

Here's an image of a photocopy of the reverse of the above A000001 note (the writing at the bottom is not on the note itself, only on the photocopy).
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