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I would like to draw to your attention the existence of a Dominion of Canada 1923 $2 note Serial #A-000001 (Plate C). This note was offered for sale in Spink’s Bank Note Circular in January 1996 at a price of £2150 and was described as being in Unc condition with some rust marks at the left-hand side. Also included was an official envelope with a hand-written inscription in ink on the front reading “Dominion of Canada.  First issue of a Series of 2 Dollar Notes No. A.000001 to coincide with The Prince of Wales’ Birthday June 23rd 1923”. (NOTE: Spink's Bank Note Circular publication was discontinued in 2000).

Does anyone possess any documentary evidence concerning to whom the four special Serial #1 notes (Plates A, B, C & D) were or might have been presented? How many of these Serial #1 notes were or might have been presented to the Prince of Wales himself? It is relevant to note that the Prince spent seven weeks touring Canada in 1923 (mid-September to November) and he visited his ranch in Alberta as well as many major towns and cities --- this was a private visit, not an official tour. The Charlton catalogue indicates that the first 1923 $2 notes were delivered to the Finance Department in November 1923.

This report is a sequel to my recent report concerning the Bank of Canada 1935 $5 note Serial #A000001 which, coincidentally, also portrays the Prince of Wales and also has rust marks at the top-left corner:

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