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« Reply #45 on: February 08, 2007, 08:02:37 pm »

At the risk of disproving the old axom, "there are no stupid questions...just stupid people".

Why is insert information not provided by the BoC?  When requested, they provide start and end points for prefixes, year changeovers and signature changeovers.  How is this any different?  Apart from being a larger quantity of information due to the vast amount of insert ranges.


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« Reply #46 on: February 09, 2007, 01:02:13 pm »

I would think that has to do with the fact that inserts are no longer special editions with unique (asterisk) serial numbers, so they're no longer tracked.  All of this phasing out of unique replacement notes was designed to save the printers (&BOC) money.  

It is an entirely different system today.  I believe that insert replacements are inserted automatically.  It would be up to the printers to provide the info-- but BOC doesn't really care about that info-- so long as they have X number of notes delivered.  That's the bottom line -- and people who collect inserted notes is not really the concern of the BOC. That's why brick searchers must find the info. Obviously for security reasons-- there's only so much info the BOC are willing to release.

Members more knowledgable-- feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

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« Reply #47 on: February 10, 2007, 03:13:31 am »

I'll agree with WW, the BoC is primarily concerned with monetary policy. Other than that I believe it boils down to the bottom line. The BoC is not obliged to disclose that kind of information no matter how polite you are, and I don't think the printers would privy us either.
Anyway, has anybody asked the Printers?
Regardless what ever system we use, let's see it as a challenge for all of us to work on together.

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« Reply #48 on: February 10, 2007, 03:54:08 am »

PD, you are exactly right.
The printers will not diclose this, for it breaches security. The Bank of Canada will not disclose their position for the same reason.  The replacement info must come from the printers.  The BOC should have an interest in those numbers for their own security. If they do not handle it, I am sure the RCMP would be next on the list to retrive that information if the case was neccessary. I know a bit about this from my robbery in 2005, and plus recent emails from company spokespeople. Even the RCMP may be denied access.  The city police were denied this information for my case.  Yes, even the city police.

I asked about a certain aspect of notes, and got a very good reply. However, it was unclear if they did not HAVE the info (the printers) or if they were not allowed to speak on it.  I asked about that in particular, and here is the most recent response from one of the printing companies:
"I am not in a position, nor is anyone else at
(Printing Company), to answer questions related to Bank of Canada
products.  You will have to contact the Bank of Canada directly."

And of course we know that the BoC of hush on these topics.

WW, you are right about the BoC being concerned only with their order being filled. Here is a direct quote from a BoC public relations official addressing this:
In any bundle of notes, the Bank doesn't require the bank notes printers to place the serial number in consecutive order."

However, I personally believe that nothing that is this sensitive goes untracked or documented. If it was automatic, then documentation would be even easier.  It could be written into a program and also be automatic. (That stuff would be WAY over my head).  For example, the picture attatched is from a group of 4 bricks of $20s. I could be wrong, but from what I understand, each note is tracable from a package that leaves the BoC to a distribution center (usually in a large center).  Each note could be traced though the exact delivery trucks it has gone through with these inventory numbers I would think.

Now, I don't know how the printing companies send them, but imagine if a shipment got hijacked.  They would need to track the serial numbers.  I believe that the printing companies probably have them on hand-- it would be in their best interest.  It would also be in the best interest of Banknote security to not have those numbers released.

I guess what I am saying is I believe that they do care about the numbers when they ship them off.  It would be irresponsible ofthem to not record exact inventory. Businesses do that for bubble gum, I think they would do it for banknotes ;).

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« Reply #49 on: February 25, 2007, 06:12:44 pm »

Hello everyone.
I have been working hard on a few articles about Solving the "Black Box Mystery" of Journey Inserts.  It started out small, then got big.  Really big!  And I still have only scratched the surface.

The purpose of the article is so that we can better understand just how these numbers are arrived at.  My articles only deal with full sheet replacements.  
More info in single sheet replacements is coming soon, from Gilles in a few months as he collaborates findings.

When I started this in December, I thought it would be easy.  When I finished, I had a new appreciation for all the work that Gilles puts into this hobby as collaborator and researcher.

When you read the papers you will know what I mean!!

For the record, I have Gilles' blessing to officially "publish" these today.  :)  
His next newsletter which will be mailed out on Tuesday will have further information on inserts- and single sheet inserts (a little bit), and will also be consistent with my research.

I am very excited to present this to you!!

Yours in collecting
Hudson AB
This link is also accessible from my member profile.

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